Watching is a physical theatre-exercise for ensembles, spawned by collaboration between Jerzy Grotowski and Jairo Cuesta. A specific structure of collective actions, in which a group lives organically in shared awareness, similar to the swarming of birds, fish and deer. Watching works on distilled aspects of an actor’s performance: it is intense, liberating, playful, providing a wonderful release of inspiration.

Watching lives in the body-instant, now, collective in-between, deepening the precision of shared presence and pulse. Shaped as something like a dance, a ritual and an improvisation, it aligns with Grotowski’s efforts to give detailed keys for energy-transformation, untamed acting and organicity on stage – to free the body to be radiant, translucent, personal.

This workshop is for all levels of previous experience, and only demands that you are willing to move a lot, and have time to be there at all three sessions.

A Workshop in Three Parts

Dates: Tuesdays 3rd, 10th, 17th August 2021 | 20h – 22h
Location: URBANRAUM – Urbanstraße 93, 10967 Berlin
Fee: 15-20€ (sliding scale)
The workshop is taking place in a research setting and the fee is used only to cover the costs of the studio.
Info & Booking:

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