Our relationship with shadows is difficult today. We are on the best way to establish new taboos. Engaging with shadows in a world where everything is illuminated brings a duality back into consciousness. In the twilight, what eludes public appearance comes back to life.

SHADOWLIGHT is a transdisciplinary performance project. Collective artistic and technical experiments, as well as contextual research brought shadows into the light and vice versa.

In this presentation, we provide an insight into the two-month long Physical Theatre Performance Project SHADOWLIGHT

28 October 2021  |  URBANRAUM

Concept: das Kollaktiv & Marina Epp
Authorship & Performance: Ali Abedi, Anita Guth, Christel Clerc, Elham Khosravi, Fabiane Franka Schmidt, Laura Konti, Leandro Carrion, Marina Epp, Michael Geisselbrecht, Peter Tommila, Ulrike Rahe, Xani Kennedy
Staging: Rosalin Hertrich & Marina Epp
Support: Marc Carrera
Production: das Kollaktiv