Animal / Machine


Animachine VAnimal / Machine

Idyllic nature meets dystopia
The instinctive / wild / sensual meets system / control / repetition

In this public presentation, we provide an insight into the work of the Physical Theatre Lab ANIMAL / MACHINE. During two months, the group has been working around the Animal / Machine dichotomy. Fragments of bodies, materials, discourses and practices of the research mount up for a performative event.
Animal for what we recognise in ourselves as instinctive, wild, sensory, outcasted; and the Machine for what we depict as trained/controlled, systematic, precise, emotionless, and repetitive in our lives. The romantic distinction between the unicity of the animal (idyllic nature) versus the inhumane multiplicity of the machine (dystopic future) is a rich imaginary landscape that will serve as the playground for the Animal / Machine experiment.

30 October 2018  |  TATWERK Performative Forschung Berlin

Concept & choreography: Marc Carrera & das Kollaktiv
Performance: Jualiane Casabalis, Marion Hellebrandt, Dionisya Paradiesi, Xani Kennedy, Melli Geldner, Sohie Ketteniss, Nora Zender, Bronwen Pattison, Kike de Miguel, Babette Büchele, Rosalin Hertrich
Production: das Kollaktiv


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