O a O

O a O
Photo © Anja Beutler

O a O

Is not the same. Is not the same.
Yet it happens once again. Again, it happens not as the same as afterwards. In the timeline of events, O a O wants to be the interruption. The hiatus of the series in the form of the same again.
The end of the difference. The same new and the new same.
Let’s start again. It shall be the same if we name it the same. Yet it is never the same. A tree is the interruption of the tree. 1, 2, 3. The water springs, we swim. The water changes, we vary. We will never be the same again.

Premiere 16. June 2017
K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie  | Kampnagel, Hamburg

Concept & Choreography: Marc Carrera
Dance: Véronique Langlott, Marc Carrera
Sounds / Composition: William “Bilwa” Costa
Video: Carolina Cabrerizo
Mentoring: Antje Pfundtner



Supported by:
Kulturstiftung       Beho݈rde_KuM_SW copy

O a O - Two Dots Simple