Physical Theatre Lab

Politics hates a vacuum. If it isn’t filled with hope, someone will fill it with fear.
Naomi Klein

Emojis, Likes, Memes, Hate Speech,… Emotions are present in almost all of our daily communications. All of these expressions have in common that they are mediated by a very specific set of codes and netiquette rules. We got used to expressing ourselves very emotionally, although our faces remain most of the time quite lifeless 😉

In this Physical Theatre Laboratory we will bring emotions back into our bodies to experience them physically. Observe them, explore them, and experiment with their artistic possibilities. Inner states will be combined with aesthetic research.

In contrast to the Stanislawski acting concept, in which emotional memory plays an important role, we do not practise emotions through a psychological approach but through physical parameters putting into play perception and expression and resulting in a highly performative outcome.

The starting point of this experience is our personal emotional landscape – as well as the external, culturally shaped, and cross-cultural, mimetic expression. Communication with other participants provides a crucial insight: emotions are “contagious” since they are strongly based on empathy, and can therefore be experienced as a plural physical state as well as a collective state of mind – also as a metaphor for the social environment. We aim to focus on the performative, aesthetic, and eventually the political potential of emotions.

The laboratory involves exploring breath, voice, and rhythm as well as dance, music, and group/solo improvisations that enable us to experience emotions in a holistic and transdisciplinary way. The participants of the laboratory have the opportunity to implement choreographic and performative ideas and to develop them further in the group.

❣ Participating in the Lab enables to join the regular Physical Theatre training on Tuesdays with no additional cost! ❣

11 September – 30 October | 8 classes in total
Fridays, 19h – 22h

220€ / 190€ (concession)

LANGUAGE English and German
LEVEL All levels

pt.collactive (at) gmail.com