Physical Theatre  |  Performance project


September + October 2021  |  Berlin

with Marina Epp & Rosalin Hertrich

Group full // Starting on 31 August 2021

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The transdisciplinary performance project SHADOWLIGHT will take place in September and October as part of the Physical Theatre Kollaktiv program. On the basis of physical training, we will develop collective artistic and technical experiments, as well as contextual research towards a performative outcome consisting of bringing shadows into the light and vice versa.

Since ancient times, people and cultures have been looking for a way to deal with shadows and darkness. In autumn and winter, marked by the phenomenon of growing darkness, stories and myths were often told, which deal with shadowy figures. Awakened by candlelight, they walked between reality and fiction to reveal and stir up fears, as well as to deal with them. The aesthetic means of early film history also used the play of light and shadow for expressionist mise-en-scène, giving fears a new form of expression. At the beginning of the 20th century, in the age of war, crisis and change, they made fantasies, taboos and illusions visible (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, Metropolis…).

Light, on the other hand, serves as a symbol of the enlightenment of humankind, the expression of reason, the rational mind and the exercise of criticism. We are nowadays used to inhabit fully lightened environments where shadows vanish behind uncountable led lights, light banners, infrared surveillance cameras and night vision modus. However, our reality also brings irrational phenomena from the darkness to the foreground –such as the current pandemic, the destruction of the environment, exploitation of humans and resources, general extinction, etc– and requires other perspectives on the human shadow that we cast on the world. The radiant light panels from nowadays can make shadows temporarily invisible – but only as long as electricity flows.

However, our reality also brings irrational phenomena – such as the current pandemic, the destruction of the environment, the exploitation of humans and resources, widespread extinction, etc. – from the darkness into the foreground and requires other perspectives on the human shadow we cast on the world. Today’s radiant light panels can make shadows temporarily invisible, but only as long as electricity is flowing.

Our relationship with shadows – as what we do not want to see – is difficult today. We are on the best way to establish new taboos. Engaging with shadows in a world where everything is illuminated brings a duality back into consciousness. In the twilight, what eludes public appearance comes back to life.

The performance project offers a transdisciplinary research between physical theatre, butoh dance and visual arts. Technical experiments with light and shadow are influenced by filmic stylistic devices and shadow theatre, among others. Furthermore, music and literature serve as sources for stories and soundtracks.

The participants are invited to create their own performance or continue working on an existing one, as a solo or group project.

• This performance project is open and suitable for anyone interested – with or without previous experience
• It requires regular participation throughout the period and a willingness to work intensively on a physical level
• Only with previous registration
• Negative Covid-test (24h valid) for each session or vaccination required

September + October 2021
(2 months course = 18 sessions + showing)

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 20h – 22h   |   Urbanraum

FEE  270€ / 250€ concession
Alumni of the Physical Theatre course: 220€
*Limited places due to COVID-19 restrictions
Group already full

LANGUAGE  German and English
LEVEL  Open for everyone

pt.collactive (at)