Physical Theatre | Winter Semester 2021–2022

Winter semester 2021–2022

Physical, performative & transdisciplinary theatre

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Theatre today is much more than simply dramatic interpretation. Only through ongoing dialogue with reality can theatre stay relevant and up-to-date. Central to our approach to physical theatre is the search for bodily expression through the times. The profile of this course is inspired by ideas from performance and fine art as well as music and dance –not all of which always fit strictly into the conventional category of theatre.

Inspiration for the course is drawn from techniques, principles and forms of expression from different cultures and styles, as well as current tendencies. With the body as our constant point of origin and the centre of our work, we will build a common base.

The following techniques, among others, are included in the course:

  • Movement and dance improvisation, contemporary dance
  • Composition, choreography, dramaturgy in movement
  • Ensemble training
  • Butoh, Noh-Theatre
  • Contact Improvisation, Acrobatics, Yoga
  • Dramatic improvisation
  • Physical Theatre exercises inspired by Grotowsky, Barba, Artaud
  • Emotional expression training and voice
  • Performance art

Continuous physical training that works towards improving conditioning and fitness will help us to get in touch more intensively with our bodies. Games and communication exercises will help us to use the body as our principal instrument of creative expression. During all this work, the body is seen both as an instrument and the goal itself.

We work with a closed group over the course of one 6 month semester. After the course, participants can apply their learned tools in their own projects and will have the possibility to join a performance project.

This course is open to interested people with and without prior knowledge. It requires continuous participation throughout the whole course duration, as well as a commitment to work intensively on a physical level.

November 2021 – April 2022

Tuesdays, 20h – 22h   |   Urbanraum | Urbanstraße 93, 10967 Berlin
Fridays, 19h – 21:30h   |   Die Etage | Ritterstraße 12-14, 10969 Berlin

Monthly fee: 110€ / 95€ students & unemployed

LANGUAGE  German and English
LEVEL  Open for everyone

pt.collactive (at)