Animal / Machine Lab

Animachine IV

Physical Theatre Lab

The Animal and the Machine

September – October 2018

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In this 2-month artistic Lab, and within the frame of the regular Physical Theatre course, we will focus on two aspects of physicality we define as the Animal and the Machine. Animal for what we recognise in ourselves as instinctive, wild, sensory, outcasted; and the Machine for what we depict as trained/controlled, systematic, precise, emotionless, and repetitive in our lives.

The romantic distinction between the unicity of the animal (idyllic nature) versus the inhumane multiplicity of the machine (dystopic future) is the rich imaginary landscape that will serve the playground for the Animal / Machine Lab. The dichotomy Animal / Machine is the thread guiding an artistic and physical practice towards a different understanding of our body as well as others’ bodies. In this program we will make physical experiences from both sides, the animalistic and the machinic, to eventually come to the conclusion that the unbridgeable distance between both poles might be just a fictional construction.

A specific physical training and exercises provide tools for finding instinctive movement and allowing more strength, definition and awareness in performance. At the same time, we will implement choreographic scores and procedures to organise the materials emerging from the practice into a performative frame. As a conclusion, we propose an open showing at the end of the Lab.

Animachine V

• This course is open to interested people with and without prior knowledge
• It requires continuous participation throughout the whole course duration, as well as a commitment to work intensively on a physical level
• Only with previous registration

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