The chorus & the dynamic of the dramatic space

Movement Theatre workshop with Francesco Procopio

9-11 December 2022
Fri 14:00 to 18:00
Sat-Sun 10:00 to 17:00

A three days intensive workshop to experiment together on theatrical chorus.

What is a chorus? How does a group of performers moves as one?
When, during a collective action, does it feel “right” to move as an individual?
Looking for the “mask” of the group, we will experiment different ways to discover an organicity in the movement of a group in space.
The collective dynamic movement is like breathing together: every action generates a reaction. Developing the sensitivity in this action/reaction mode, towards the individual and towards the group, will be the core of this research.

The main focus of the three days will be:
– The concept of space: dramatic, personal and intimate space
– The group and the chorus: balancing the stage and the awareness towards the others
– Action-Reaction: body tension and the relation between the individual and the group
– Dynamic structures: The “mask” of the group and the organicity of the dynamic movements
– The choral line: Rhythm, synchronicity and individuality

This workshop is intended for anyone who might be interested into the topic.
Whether you are an actor, artist, circus performer, dancer, or mover of any kind, you are very welcome to join.

Francesco Procopio is a circus artist, teacher, actor, and director based in Berlin.
His artistic education is a mix of different influences; circus and theatre are his main passions. After graduating from circus school (CAU – Granada) and the Atelier Mask Movement of Matteo Destro (San Miniato – Italia), he performed in several shows, mostly self-produced, from street to stage performances in theatres and circus. In the last years, he regularly taught movement theatre, masks and circus in various organizations and projects.
He directed “Re-building Communities” in Berlin in 2021, taught theatre in the Perfoming Acrobatix Programme (2019-2021) at Katapult (Berlin) and High-wire walking at Coraggio – Die Kulturanstifter e.V.

This workshop uses a donation sliding scale system between 85€- 195€
For registrations and more info about it please write an email to

This event is organized in cooperation with Coraggio – Die Kulturanstifter e.V.