Physical Theatre | Training

Physical, performative & transdisciplinary theatre

In our Physical Theatre training we explore and experiment with the multiple possibilities of contemporary theatre: between playfulness and depth, collective arrangement and inner experience, vitality and form, etc. Theatre, dance or performance? We propose a hybrid training in which the borders are blurred but the body always remains at the centre. The training aims to reflect the reality of contemporary stages and nowadays creative processes.

Body / Experience
The body is the basis and starting point in Physical Theatre; it is also the instrument of artistic expression. A body can show inner permeability as well as become an outer surface of representation. The training begins at the intersection between inside and outside, experience and expression.

We understand play as a basic prerequisite for the readiness for theatre. We will practise the willingness to get in touch with oneself with genuine curiosity, as well as communication (physical, energetic, emotional…) with other participants. Communication patterns and possible responses are explored.

We combine different time-, genre- and culture-spanning techniques that complement classical theatre with elements of contemporary dance, performance art, installation, philosophy, visual arts, etc…

The ability to act as a performer requires commitment, readiness, and a sense of aesthetic communication. It is about distinguishing stage presence from everyday life and learning to use this distinction meaningfully.

  • No need to register beforehand: come & join!
  • Bring comfortable training/sports clothing. We normally train barefoot.
  • Be just 10 min before the training: time for changing and getting into the room.
  • Payment and further questions after the training.

If you are rather looking for continuity and working in a stable group, take a look at the ongoing Physical Theatre Course | twice a week: Tuesday (training) + Friday (class)

Tuesdays | 20–22h
Urbanraum | Urbanstraße 93, 10967 Berlin

LANGUAGE · English
LEVEL · Open level

Drop-in = 16€
10x-Card = 130€
5x-Card = 70€

Contact us if you have any question!